Everlast Roofing is proud to have become an innovator in our field.

From R&D to laborious testing, we feel our customers deserve a premium product that will last for decades. Our promise to our customers is to continue to push boundaries in producing a superior performing product. It’s this promise that has led to the introduction of AZM® with Activate® Technology coated COLORBOND® with our release of our next generation product. Backed with a 20-year proven record of outperforming all others in both accelerated laboratory and real world harsh environment exposure tests, Everlast Roofing is the only company to offer this technology in North America.

Everlast Roofing continues to set new benchmark standards in corrosion resistance with the introduction of AZM® with Activate® Technology. The new generation product responds to market demands for a more durable, resilient, and sustainable product to give end users the piece of mind for years to come.

Everlast Roofing takes the traditional Aluminum and Zinc coating and introduces Magnesium. Magnesium forms a chemical reaction with aluminum and activates sacrificial characteristics not previously present. The result is a self-sealing, protective barrier in the most vulnerable spots such as scratches and cut edges.

AZM® with Activate® Technology has undergone over 20 years of testing. More then 5,000 panels have been tested in a wide variety of laboratory and real world environments spanning the harshest places around globe. AZM® with Activate® Technology outlasts and outperforms anything currently in the market.

Side by side exposure testing has shown corrosion protection provided by AZM is superior to that provided by original Galvalume and Galvanized Steel.