Everlast Roofing is proud to have become an innovator in our field.

Always a symbol of quality and innovation in metal roofing and siding, Everlast Roofing Inc is proud to announce our newest paint system. COLORBOND® is a paint system composed of proprietary paint and pretreatments that BlueScope Steel has been using in Australia for decades. The technology of this paint system was developed by BlueScope Steel in conjunction with some of the leading paint companies in the world. The system uses specific pretreatments, a polymer primer and a ceramic (inorganic) -containing finish coat oven cured to improve adhesion, peeling, chipping, cracking, and film integrity.

COLORBOND® has been tested in some of the harshest regions of the world where corrosive environments and high solar intensity take their toll on painted products. Even with over 50 years of proven excellent durability in locations across the globe, Blue Scope Steel, and Everlast Roofing, continue to test and evaluate COLORBOND® for resistance to corrosion, dirt retention, chalking, color fade and gloss retention.

The use of solar reflective ceramic pigments in the finish coat allows COLORBOND® to reduce the amount of cooling energy in homes and commercial buildings. A cool COLORBOND® prepainted metal roof contributes to the sustainability of the installation and allows the building owner to save money.

Everlast Roofing has made COLORBOND® our paint system of choice, for the wide range of intended applications. The proven and tested performance of the COLORBOND® system makes us confident that it surpasses all other pre-painted steel in terms of consistency and durability.

*COLORBOND® is a registered trademark of BlueScope Steel Limited.

Charts & Technical Information

Above panels are actual samples that are exposed to real-life outdoor conditions on the same building. While the years of exposure are different, COLORBOND® is trending to surpass the competitor current and previous SMP Technology.

ROCKHAMPTON EXPOSURE SITE: For over 50 years, BlueScope Steel Limited has performed testing on COLORBOND® in the harshest environments to ensure superior strength in any environment.

COLORBOND® Color Chart